The Client's Job Description:
" I am a retro Twitch streamer and I currently have no overlay or design on my stream. There are no defined areas, decorative boxes or branded elements and i'd like a more professional look. I just found out that Twitch does a promotion called Subtember in September and i'd like to include my monthly goals on the overlay to encourage new subscribers. Since I stream retro games, I'm looking for something that incorporates pixelated elements. My general style is very clean and simple, and I don't want the overlay to be overly busy or chaotic. I have a Shutterstock account so I am able to get a variety of pixel game elements and any other backgrounds or icons needed for the design. I would really like to find someone that has experience creating Twitch overlays because I am pretty new and I don't know all of the sizes so I can't give direction on that. I'd like the first one to be done ASAP, and when that's done i'd like to work on one for Halloween and the Holidays, etc. I look forward to working with you! "


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